Mummy Mountain

At: Nevada, United States
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About: Mummy Mountain is the second highest peak of the Spring Mountains in Nevada. It takes its name from its vague resemblance to a mummy, or perhaps more accurately an Egyptian sarcophagus seen in profile, with the "head" to the north formed by outcropping above Lee Canyon, the gently rounded main summit forming the "body", and a southern rise and cliffs forming the "feet". This appearance is especially prominent from U.S. Route 95, which passes by the mountain to the east. The usual route to the summit is from the North Loop Trail to Mount Charleston, starting from where it reaches close to the top of the ridge between Mummy and Charleston. A steep scramble up a scree slope reaches the top of the ridge, where a faint climber's trail leads east to the base of the summit cliffs. The route then jogs north to a chute leading to the broad and flat summit plateau.


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