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Newberry Volcano

At: Oregon, United States
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About: Newberry Volcano is a large potentially active shield volcano located 40 miles east of the Cascade Range and about 20 miles southeast of Bend, Oregon. It is not a typical shield volcano. In addition to erupting basaltic lavas, it also has erupted andesitic and even rhyolitic lava. The volcano is 20 miles in diameter, has an approximate volume of 80 cubic miles and it possesses a large oval-shaped caldera four by five miles in diameter, called the Newberry Caldera. Within the caldera there are two lakes, (Paulina Lake and East Lake), many pyroclastic cones, lava flows, and obsidian domes. A deep gash in the northern caldera wall, dubbed "The Fissure", is the end of a 29 miles long series of fractures called the Northwest Rift Zone. Approximately 6,100 years ago, fissure basalt flows erupted from the rift and covered part of Newberry's northwest flank. Newberry Volcano was named for Dr. John Strong Newberry, who explored central Oregon for the Pacific Railroad Surveys in 1855. During the Apollo program parts of the volcano that resemble the Moon's surface were used to train the astronauts.


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