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Red Mountain

At: Alabama, United States
Red Mountain, Alabama, United States

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About: Red Mountain is a long ridge running southwest-northeast and dividing Jones Valley from Shades Valley south of Birmingham, Alabama. It is part of the Ridge-and-Valley region of the Appalachian mountains. The Red Mountain Formation of hard Silurian rock strata lies exposed in several long crests, and was named "Red Mountain" because of the rust-stained rock faces and prominent seams of red hematite iron ore. The best displays of the mountain's geological strata occur at the Twentieth Street cut near the Vulcan statue and at the U.S. Route 31 highway cut leading into the suburb of Homewood. Most of Birmingham's television and radio stations have their transmission towers located on Red Mountain. Red Mountain is also home to the newly created Red Mountain Park, one of the nation's largest urban parks at 1108 acres, making it larger than even New York City's Central Park. Description Neighborhood Located on Red Mountain is one of Birmingham's most prominent neighborhoods. It is the home of the majority of the multi-million dollar residences and estates that are located within the city proper. The prestigious Altamont School, a well-known private school for its arts and science programs, is located in the neighborhood, as well as Saint Rose Academy, a Catholic parochial school run by Dominican sisters.


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