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Steens Mountain

At: Oregon, United States
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About: Steens Mountain is a large fault-block mountain in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Oregon. Located in Harney County, it stretches some 50 miles and rises from an elevation of about 4200 feet above the Alvord Desert to its peak at 9725 feet. It is sometimes confused with a mountain range, but is properly a single mountain. It was called the "Snowy Mountains" during early fur trade, but in 1860 was renamed for U.S. Army Major Enoch Steen, who fought and drove off members of the Paiute tribe on the mountain. Several plant species are endemic to Steens Mountain, including Steens paintbrush, moss gentian, Steens Mountain penstemon, Steens Mountain Thistle, a dwarf blue lupine and Cusick's buckwheat. On October 24, 2000, president Bill Clinton created the Steens Mountain BLM Cooperative Management and Protection Area, a 425000 acres area. This law protects 1200000 acres from mining, and 100000 acres from cattle grazing. Steens Mountain is also host to Steens Mountain Running Camp, a nationally known cross country training camp that has been held on the mountain since 1975.


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