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Truchas Peak

At: New Mexico, United States
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About: Truchas Peak (more precisely, South Truchas Peak) is the second highest independent peak in the US State of New Mexico. It is located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, 26 mi (42 km) northeast of Santa Fe. It lies within the Pecos Wilderness, part of the Santa Fe National Forest. (The north end of the mountain borders on the Carson National Forest.) The name of the peak is Spanish for "trout" (plural). The entire mountain is a small north-south trending massif with four indentifiable summits, North Truchas Peak, Middle Truchas Peak, "Medio Truchas Peak" (unofficial name), and South Truchas Peak, the highest summit. Of the three subsidiary summits, only North Truchas Peak, 13,024 ft (3,970 m) has enough topographic prominence (about 650 ft/200 m) to be considered an independent peak. The Truchas Peaks lie on the water divide between the Rio Grande and the Pecos River. They are drained on the west by the Rio Medio, the Rio Quemado, and the Rio de las Trampas; on the northeast by the Rio Santa Barbara; and on the southeast by small creeks that quickly run into the upper reaches of the Pecos River. The massif also connects to numerous other high peaks in the region, many via the Santa Barbara Divide, a major east-west high ridge which separates the Pecos watershed on the south from the Santa Barbara watershed to the north. The Truchas group has a true wilderness character, as it is difficult to access the peaks within a single day. Many trails access the slopes of the peaks, most notably the Skyline Trail (Trail number 251), which traverses the eastern slopes at elevation around 12,000 feet (3,660 m) and accesses the Truchas Lakes, a set of small lakes in a cirque below the south side of North Truchas Peak.


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