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Yonah Mountain

At: Georgia, United States
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About: Yonah Mountain (more commonly referred to as "Yonah" or, by older Georgians, "Yonah Bald") is located in the Chattahoochee National Forest in the north of Georgia in the United States, between the towns of Cleveland and Helen. Yonah is the Cherokee word for Bear. The best roadside view of the bald brow atop the mountain is found at the West Family Restaurant parking lot as you proceed towards Cleveland right before the Yonah Mountain access road. The 5th Ranger Training Battalion, Ranger Training Brigade of the United States Army conducts the Mountain Phase of Ranger School on Yonah Mountain. A cadet run military mountaineering organization from North Georgia College and State University known as the Mountain Order of Colombo conducts several FTX's (field training exercises) on Yonah Mountain as well. It has been a popular training ground for rock climbers across the United States for years. There is the Upper Cliffs which require a light rack and is good for top roping. The lower cliffs are nice for top roping and there is some good bouldering.


Maria Ly
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