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Eagle Park MTB

At: Canada
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Adam Clay
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Congrats to you! Mountain bike racing without gears sounds like veeeery tough...
Good luck! I was pretty happy with it, the other competitors said it was a really tough course - the uphills were big and the downhills were steep and technical so I was happy to be able to ride it without crashing. This was my first mountain bike race and only second time on an off road track so I was amazed that I placed where I did. There were 71 competitors and I got 54th. Ha ha! Single speed is mountain bike racing but with no gears. Those guys and girls are pretty damn fit and crazy!
How did it go? And most importantly: What is single speed? :-) I am heading out to Toulouse tonight. Sprint triathlon there tomorrow...
No, I wish! For some reason when I tried to add Eagle Park Mountain Bike Course in South Australia Skimble decided it was in Canada. I will have to change it when I can go online. I competed in the single speed national titles today. Pretty tired now :-)
Vacationing in Canada? Cool!
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