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Second Flatiron
Flatirons, Colorado, United States

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Recent Ascents

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Thomas Bukowski
Free solo 14 mins!  
Thomas Bukowski
Free solo Second free solo ever - after 3rd flatiron we decided to do 2nd, it was only noon or so when we got down from 3rd. 2nd was a pretty boring climb - mostly just walking up this slope. Soloed in approach shoes (5.10 camp 4's). Did some adventurous slab climbing to reach the tip-top of the pinnacle for fun, that was probably 5.5 slab. Then we downclimbed to the path and went up the backside of Pullman Car, which is the true summit of the 2nd flatiron. The 30 ft of climbing up the backside was adventurous - especially downclimbing!...  


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