Route: North Buttress

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Merriam Peak
Merriam Peak, California, United States

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Recent Ascents

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Thomas Bukowski
Onsight Thurs 8pm leave SF Fri 3:15a arrive at TH, crash 6:30a wake 7:23a set off on trail 9am break 9800ft 10am break 10200ft 10:30a pine creek pass / honeymoon lake fork 10:55a break 10650ft 12:45p wake from nap 1:15p pine creek pass 2pm found a camp near lake nearest Merriam 2:45p head out to North Buttress 3:45p base of route 4:40p top of p1 5:30p top of p3 6:24p top of p4 6:54p top of p5 7:26p top of p6 8:06p gained summit ridge 8:49p summit 10:12p back at camp 11:45p bed  


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