Route: Flying Buttress

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Merriam Peak
Merriam Peak, California, United States

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Thomas Bukowski
Lead - with rests onsighted 3 out of 4 5.11 pitches. final 5.11 face pitch was thin, tricky pro, and right above a ledge.. no onsight on that one. Sat 7:45a wake 9:45a leave camp for Flying Buttress 10:20a arrive at base 10:45a poop break, then start route 11:36a top of p1 12:32p top of p2 1:45p top of p3 2:15p top of p4 3:20p top of p5 4:10p top of p6, joins North Buttress 4:25p gained summit ridge 5:25p on summit again! 5:55p at merriam-royce col 6:23p back at camp 7:06p packed up and left camp 7:46p back at trail - pine creek...  


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