Route: Southeast Face

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Lotus Flower Tower
Cirque Of The Unclimbables, Canada

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Thomas Bukowski
Multipitch - lead crux pitches 3am wake 3:45a depart camp 4:45a arrive at base 5:40a blast off! Waited for Sam and Aaron to start. 6:25a top of p1, Brian led. 105ft, anchor is old bolts, pitons, nuts, decent ledge. 7:20a top of p2, I led, 120ft, anchor is one bolt and two pitons, hanging. 8:10a top of p3, Brian led. 90ft, anchor is two bolts and a piton, small ledge. 8:45a top of p4, I led. 80ft, anchor is 1 good bolt and 3 bad bolts, good ledge. We may have stopped too early on this pitch. 9:25a top of p5, Brian led. 110ft, partial...  


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