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Flatwoods Wilderness Park

At: Florida, United States
Flatwoods Wilderness Park, Florida, United States
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About: Flatwoods Park is one of five parks making up the Wilderness Park system. The other parks include Trout Creek, Dead River, Morris Bridge and John B. Sargeant Memorial Park. Over 5,400 acres of mostly pine flatwoods and cypress swamps create a welcome relief from Tampa’s suburban sprawl. The main feature of Flatwoods Park would be its 9 miles of silky smooth paved multi-use trail. Seven miles create a loop, with the remaining two-miles being an extension connecting the main loop to Bruce B. Downs Blvd. As well as the paved trail there are other off-road trails through the park that connect to miles of other off-road trails in the Wilderness Park conglomerate (see our review). The paved loop is perfect for those wanting a good road ride, jog or walk without the hassles of dodging traffic. From family outings to race training, on any given weekend day, there will be all manner of trail users circling this wilderness race track.



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