Route: Dark Star

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Temple Crag
Palisades, California, United States

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Recent Ascents

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Thomas Bukowski
Onsight Fri 1:30a get to camp 9 8:30a wake 9:30a permit acquired 1pm leave NF BP TH 4pm arrive third lake - went too far! 9pm bed Sat - Dark Star - supertopo pitches 5:45a wake - too late.. 7am leave camp for dark star, but oops forgot helmet 7:45a bottom of 'sit-start', I start simul-leading 8:30a top of 'sit-start' / bottom of route proper 9:30a top of p2, I led, stellar 10:15a top of p3, I led 11am top of p4.5, I led Noon top of p6, I led 12:30p top of p7 - Dennis poop break! 1:30p top of...  


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