Route: Corn Flakes

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Middle Spire
Phantom Spires, California, United States

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Michael Butts
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Recent Ascents

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Jon Plaut
Lead - with rests Awkward and burly start. The only really memorable move for me was after the crack ends, getting up onto the face. It was definitely reachy for me and required so technical and balancy footwork. Not the best warmup nor the best first PS climb. But it was in the shade!  
Jon Plaut
Redpoint Did the right variation start. Liked that way more than the original route, although the protection was pretty sketchy for the first 30ft. or so, as gear had to be placed behind the fragile-sounding flake. Gear seemed bomber, but I wouldn't want to test it. The crux of the variation for me was after the flake ends and the route transitions to a finger crack. I had to dyno to reach the next jug, as feet weren't great. Fun times.  
Michael Butts


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