Route: Selaginella

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Five Open Books
Yosemite National Park, California, United States

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Jon Plaut
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Thomas Bukowski
Jon Plaut
Multipitch - follow crux pitches If this climb ended after the first 2 pitches, I would say it was one of the worse climbs I've done. However, the last 2 pitches totally vindicated this climb for me to the point that I'd consider climbing Selaginella again. I led up the first pitch, which had a short 5.7 handcrack start, leading to a grueling mungy 5.7 ow with lots of big, loose rocks (which was, for me at least, the crux of the climb). I definitely learned that I need to do a lot of work on my ow technique, as I spent a lot of...  
Thomas Bukowski
Multipitch - lead crux pitches Commitment-Selaginella linkup. Selaginella was easy enough to find. Jon took the first pitch, did it in an hour and took once at the offwidth section. It's a burly pitch - I didn't feel that secure on top rope heading up the constant wide cracks, and the offwidth section is pretty steep. Jon's lead head was gone so I led the remaining three pitches. 2nd had some more wide stuff but a combination of jamming and stemming did the trick. Routefinding started to get difficult at the end of pitch 2. Pitch 3 had a difficult few moves in the 'chimney'...  


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