Grande Grotta

Location: Kalymnos, Greece

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Description: This is the Big Cave, the trademark of Kalymnos. Lots of steep, pumpy 3-D climbs here!

Routes (14)

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Name Difficulty Style
Aegialis 5.12d Sport
Aphrodite 5.12a Sport
DNA 5.11d Sport
Fun de Chichunne 5.13d Sport
Happy Girlfriend 5.9 Sport
Ivi 5.12a Sport
KalyPige 5.11b Sport
Kopalization 5.13c Sport
Monahiki Elia 5.10b Sport
Priapos 5.12d Sport
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Ticks Here

  Person Ascent Style Name Area Difficulty Climb Type  
Maria Ly
Onsight DNA Grande Grotta 5.11d Sport  
Maria Ly
Lead - with rests Ivi Grande Grotta 5.12a Sport  


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