Route: Espresso

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Little Egypt
Bishop, California, United States

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Thomas Bukowski
Top rope - no rests holy smokes! this route is amazing! it's all fingerlocks with some small foot pods. all those days in the gym finally pays off with an "onsight" TR send. second lap to scope it out for the lead went well too  
Thomas Bukowski
Attempt and, the lead didn't go. first, gear is pretty awkward in the crystally, buttermilk-style rock. second, it's way harder on lead. third, we were running out of daylight so we opted for the lower off and scramble back up to clean. and scrambling back up to find the top of the route amongst the abundant curvy rock formations, the fading sunlight and inching over the precipice to get to the anchor.. cleaning it was an adventure all to itself! worth to try to lead it, though.  


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