The Motherlode

Location: Red River Gorge, Kentucky, United States

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Description: <p>The hard sport climbing Mecca of the Red!</p>

Routes (6)

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Name Difficulty Style
Ball Scratcher 5.12a Sport
Flour Water 5.13b Sport
Heart Shaped Box 5.12c Sport
One-Eyed Willy Up The Back 5.11d Sport
Swahili Slang 5.12c Sport
The Madness 5.13c Sport

Ticks Here

  Person Ascent Style Name Area Difficulty Climb Type  
Thomas Bukowski
Attempt Flour Water The Motherlode 5.13b Sport  
Thomas Bukowski
Lead - with rests Swahili Slang (2x) The Motherlode 5.12c Sport  
Mike Personick
Redpoint The Madness The Motherlode 5.13c Sport  


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