Route: Spaceshot

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5.7 C2
Big Wall
Leaning Wall
Zion National Park, Utah, United States

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Recent Ascents

  Person Ascent Style Notes  
Thomas Bukowski
Multipitch - lead crux pitches Sat 7:30a wake 9:25a on shuttle 9:55a off at big bend 10:10a bottom of route 10:20a blast off 11:20a top of alpine start.. Not actually an alternate start to spaceshot, need to rap slightly 12pm top of p3 12:20p blast off p4, Dennis's first aid lead 2:10p top of p4, left blue bd nut and yellow dmm offset 2:25p blast off p5 me leading 4:25p finish p5... sandstone C2 is so serious! 5pm top of p5, left red wc superlight nut 6:15p top of p6, Dennis led 7p finish p7, I led, mega classic hand crack, then great ledge! 7:30p...  
Thomas Bukowski
Attempt three pitches up, partial rap anchor failure, owen hurt his knee. fixed pitch 4, my first pitch of aid on sandstone, kinda shiver bivy on p3 even though it was fully planned, bailed next day due to knee.  


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