Route: Moonlight Buttress

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5.8 C1
Big Wall
Moonlight Buttress
Zion National Park, Utah, United States

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Recent Ascents

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Thomas Bukowski
Multipitch - lead crux pitches 6:15a wake 6:45a depart camp 6:53a parked 7:27a off bus 8am arrive at pedestal 8:22a blast off 8:45a top of p1 9:10a top of p2 9:35a finish p3 - I've taken over leading & aid started 9:48a top of p3 10:57a finish p4 11:17a top of p4 12:45p finish p5 - chimney was very awkward to aid through and out of 1:07p top of p5 2pm finish p7 - linked the never ending #0.5 Camelot cracks 2:25p top of p7 - swap to Dave leading 2:40p blast off from p7 3:28p finish p8 4:06p Dave at top of route.. coldest...  


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