Route: Positive Vibrations

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Incredible Hulk
Incredible Hulk, California, United States

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Recent Ascents

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Thomas Bukowski
Redpoint 6:15a wake in Tuolumne 6:45a leave camp 8:05a arrive twin lakes 8:30a leave car 9:10a turnoff 11:30a base PV 1:55p top of p4 5:15p top of p7. Got the 2nd 11a crux clean! 6:15p top of route! woohooo 6:40p start rapping venturi 8:15p bottom of route 8:30p start hiking 9:45p turnoff 10:45p back at car  
Thomas Bukowski
Multipitch - lead crux pitches Fri 7:15a leave city Sat 12:30a arrive Twin Lakes 1am bed 5am wake up 5:40a leave camp 6:30a tree and rock split in trail 8:20a bottom of route, need to wait for Vitaliy and Cristiano to start 9am start 9:30a top of p1, waiting for V&C again, jlai led 10am top of p2, I led 10:35a top of p3, jlai led - 11a crux wasn't too bad 11:16a top of p4, I led 11:50a top of p5, jlai led 12:45p top of p5.5, I led - burly and pumpy! 1:33p top of p6, I led - one fall at crux,...  


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