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Las Cañadas

At: Spain
Las Cañadas, Spain

Source: sanderovski & linda

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Las Cañadas is the most famous and visited National Park in Spain, UNESCO World Heritage since 2008. Teide vulcano is inside Las Cañadas and it's the highest peak in Spain with 3.718 m. and is the third highest vulcano in the world.

Inside the park there are several different areas to practise sport and classic climbing, among hiking. Camping is not allowed inside the park, but there is a small rural Hotel. Also there are plenty of hotels and resorts in both the north and the south of the island (30 - 60 km). From very affordable to some of the most luxuriuous resorst in Europe.

Las Cañadas is 60 km from the international airport Reina Sofía (Tenerife South) and 48 km from the international airport Los Rodeos (Tenerife North).

Tenerife is located in the Canary Islands, a very famous tourism destination and internationally known by its terrific weather the whole year, with a medium temperature of 22º C. However, bearing in mind that Las Cañadas altitude is more than 2.000 m. the temperature is no so soft. Anyways is possible to practice climbing, and hiking the most part of the year, except when it snows (two or three weeks a year)

More information about Tenerife in webtenerife.com


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