Jan 31, 2019 9:12am
Cutting update after first month. Dropped 3.2KG. From 88.1 to 84.9KG. So quite pleased with the first month. Strenght has been holding up. Now up to next 4 weeks phase. Training is still lower body/upper body split. Bit higher intensity. And lowering training volume when dieting longer. Oh and I almost passed out doing heavy as hell hip thrusters yesterday. Got myself some weird looks that time haha.
01 Feb
Well done Rappa! And please be careful and take care 👊
02 Feb
Haha thanks and I will try. Can't make too much promises of course!
01 Mar
how have you been killah???
02 Mar
Hi Heidi. Iv been doing just fine! Training wise iv cut another 1.5 KG this month. And I think I even became a bit stronger by good programming! So that's cool. And personal life, bit busy but nothing I can't handle so far. How bout you? Have you traveled to Mars yet?
03 Mar
well too bad we can't follow your progress on here. Your smartassiness is being missed hahahahha🤣🤣🤣 I am fine,boppin around in Southern Indian Ocean and man,it's so flippin beautiful here...anyhow.no, not Mars yet hahaha