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Top IFIC Certified Trainers in Workout Trainer

Karlos Torres

Entrenador Personal

Spinning/Cycling, CrossFit, Strengthen & Tone


Dietética y Nutrición Deportiva (DND)

Nutrition courses allow us to know the importance of food in health care. Always orienting nutrition and dietetics to the practice of sport, as a basis to complement a balanced diet and a healthy body. Meet the Fitness and Health category courses dedicate

Entrenamiento Funcional (EF)

Learn how important it is to practice functional training and the relationship with body education. Know the functional exercises aimed at all types of people who want to get fit through functional training.

Entrenador Personal y Fitness (EPF)

IFIC's personal training course is organized into four major modules that have a duration of 6 months which can acquire the knowledge to get the top title of personal trainer accredited by the EADL.