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Top SF Certified Trainers in Workout Trainer

Alejandra García

Soy Alejandra García, Edu. Fisica y entrenadora personal..

Stay Fit Lifestyle, Senior Fitness, Strength Training


Entrenamiento Personal Advanced (EPA)

Students learn about innovative resources that can be used to enhance their skills as a personal trainer.

Curso de Crosstraining y Funcional (CDCYF)

Students discover the essential teachings to develop their own training plans for functional training sessions with their clients.

Entrenamiento en Suspensión (EES)

Students learn how to use suspension techniques to compliment their training sessions.

Especialista en Entrenamiento Funcional (EEEF)

In this seminar students learn to structure their training sessions around the concepts of High Intensity Interval Training.

Musculación y Sala de Fitness (MYSDF)

A 32-hour course that delves into advanced and updated content on customer assessment, working with clients with various pathologies, as well as the current position of the ACSM on these aspects.

Entrenamiento Funcional del CORE (EFDC)

Students learn the importance of how to stabilize the core and thus be able to develop a safe and effective exercise program for their clients.