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Top YM-YWHA Certified Trainers in Workout Trainer

Aidan Rothpan

With 7 certifications and hundreds of hours working under different trainers and over 3 years of private training, I got what you need!

Bodybuilding, Food & Recipes, Bootcamp


Corrective Conditioning Course Certificate (CCCC)

This course is designed to expand students' knowledge of assessment techniques, exercise selection and application in correcting posture and reducing the risk and re-occurrence of injury.

Small Group Training Speciality Certification (SGTSC)

Small group training is a program designed to maximize training results in both cardiovascular and strength conditioning.

Group Exercise Instructor Course Certificate (GEICC)

This course prepares and trains students in the design and delivery of safe and effective conditioning classes for large groups.

Indoor Cycling Instructor Course Certificate (ICICC)

This certification program prepares students to effectively lead group indoor cycling classes. Learn the biomechanics and specific safety considerations of indoor cycling, watt-based program design, the physiology of interval training and much more!

Ben Weider Personal Trainer Development Program (BWPTDP)

This course prepares students to enter the workforce as a one-on- one trainer or lifestyle coach, and provides the necessary knowledge and skills to develop individual exercise programs.