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Top EA Certified Trainers in Workout Trainer

Alessandro Di Pierro

Physical therapist living in Cormano, (MI) helping people solving their problems and surpassing their limits.

Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Injury Rehab


Yoga Terapeutico (YT)

This course is structured to guide physiotherapists in conducting yoga practices for pain that arises from postural dysfunctions or actual pathologies.

Terapia Manuale Per Fisioterapisti (TMPF)

Physiotherapy aims to aide people with the management of neuro-musculoskeletal problems, based on research and scientific evidence, without unjustified or unreasonable elements, and enriched through a constant update of the latest techniques.

Massaggio Terapeutico (MT)

Students learn to evaluate and treat soft tissue disorders. They also learn the techniques of treatment on muscular pathologies due to direct or indirect trauma.

Spalla: 2017 Update Nuove Acquisizioni in Riabilitazione (S17-NAR)

Provides the most up to date and in-depth knowledge on shoulder rehabilitation. Promotes the development of individual clinical skills, clinical reasoning and management of "shoulder" disorders.