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Somatic (Posturology 101) (SC-P101)

These practitioners possess knowledge in the muscle system incl. Integrative: Balancing of the Cervical Spine, Balancing of the Shoulders and Thoracic Spine, Balancing of the Low Back and Pelvis, Balancing of the Upper and Lower Extremities

Neuro (Posturology 202) (SC-P202)

These therapists help patients with more complex cases and possess knowledge in Integrative: Visceral Balancing, Craniofacial Balancing, Balancing of the TMJ, Balancing of the Atlas-Axis. Pre-req: Posturology 101

Certified Neurosomatic Therapist (CNT)

Once both Somatic Posturology 101 and Neuro Posturology 202 certification levels have been completed, therapists will earn the designation Certified Neurosomatic Therapist.