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Top ASFA Certified Trainers in Workout Trainer

Steve Mukensnabl

Specializing in fitness development and sport performance integrating science-based fitness, nutrition, and mental training concepts.

Sports Nutrition, Strengthen & Tone, Athletic Performance


Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

The Personal Training Certification through ASFA® provides a way for experienced fitness professionals to expand their knowledge base and increase their commitment to excellence through continued education.

Group Fitness/Bootcamp (GF/BI)

This certification helps give fitness trainers the knowledge and confidence they need to be effective leaders in a group fitness or bootcamp setting, showcase their leadership skills and expertise in indoor or outdoor group fitness setting.

Martial Arts Fitness Instructor (MAF)

ASFA's certification in Martial Arts Fitness helps teach personal trainers and fitness professionals about dynamic speed and balance training, proper nutrition and many other aspects involving martial arts fitness.

Sports Nutrition (SN)

ASFA’s Sports Nutritionist Certification is designed for fitness professionals who want to coach clients in the nutritional aspects of fitness incl.: pre-sport dietary preparation, vitamin/mineral/supplement intake, carbohydrate loading, and dieting.

Dance/Hip-Hop Aerobics (DHAI)

ASFA’s Dance/Hip-hop Aerobics Instruction Certification helps experienced fitness professionals expand into a fun and stylized dance based-fitness method. The Dance/Hip-hop Aerobics Instruction Certification is a great addition to the knowledge base and e

Sport Specific Training (SST)

ASFA’s Sport Specific Training Certification helps experienced fitness professionals coach clients interested in a wide variety of sport-specific training options. This Sport Specific Training Certification covers a diverse collection of sport-specific kn

Pilates Instructor (PI)

ASFA’s Pilates Certification continues to be an important part of the experienced fitness professional’s portfolio package. A time-tested but growing fitness field, Pilates serves an amazing number of clients at a wide variety of ages and fitness levels.

Yoga (Y)

With ASFA’s® Yoga Certification, the fitness professional’s expertise in safety and workout effectiveness is highlighted. Trainers can choose to use their knowledge in group or individual settings to provide the greatest results for their clients.

Athletic Performance Speed & Agility Trainer (APSAT)

The Speed and Agility Instruction Certification addresses different types of movement and sport preparation, flexibility and coordinated movement drills.