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Top IFPA Certified Trainers in Workout Trainer

Kylie Pickett

I'm passionate about fitness and I love to get people motivated to make a life change.

Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, HIIT/Interval


Strength & Sports Conditioning Specialist (SSCS)

The Strength and Sports Conditioning specialist combines the latest research with sample training programs, workouts, and drills to provide a comprehensive course in sports conditioning.

Functional Trainer (FT)

The Functional Trainer certification is designed to teach the essential knowledge and skills required to train clients in a functionally specific manner.

Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT)

The IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification is the core program for safe and effective personal training.

Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer (APFT)

The advanced PFT certification goes more in to the program design and kinesiology for more advanced clients. Trainers must already be an IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer before becoming APFT.

Sports Medicine Trainer (SMT)

The SMT certification helps trainers understand, and utilize sports medicine principals for the care and prevention of sports and fitness related injuries.

Special Populations Trainer (SPT)

The SPT certification provides trainers with information on 49 conditions based on the most current clinical research to train special populations.

Flexibility Specialist (FS)

The Flexibility Specialist offers tools to greatly increase and achieve excellent range of motion (ROM). In this course, over 350 exercises are provided to increase flexibility.

Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS)

The Sports Nutrition Specialist teaches trainers how nutritional intake can maximize exercise training and boost athletic performance.

Functional Trainer Specialist (FTS)

Here trainers learn the role that the core plays in all movements and thorough knowledge of how to assess, plan, and implement a functionally specific training program for both lifestyle and sports performance.