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Top NSF Certified Trainers in Workout Trainer

Barbara Gramiccia

ho 38 anni ed 15 anni di esperienza nel campo che va dal b.building al funzionale e b.weight. ideatrice di un nuovo allenamento Fit & build

Strength Training, HIIT/Interval, Weight Loss


Istruttore Allenamento Funzionale (IAF)

The course is divided into different teaching suggestions, with the discussion of the most important issues related to functional training, such as: theory and methodology of functional training, energy mechanisms and functional vibration training.

Istruttore Allenamento Funzionale - II Livello (IAF-II)

The course teaches the themes addressed in the Level I Functional Training course and introduces new topics. By many functional training is considered the future of training in gyms and fitness centers.

Istruttore GAG (IG)

This course teaches proper workout form for Buttocks, Legs and Abs, based on a detailed analysis of the theoretical aspects as well as practical.

Istruttore FitBoxe (IFB)

This course starts with the essential theoretical basis to get to the "construction of the lesson", then moves to practice. Great attention is given to music in all aspects related to this lesson.

Istruttor Kettlebell (IK)

Acquire the title of Kettlebell Instructor is of great importance to find a job in the fitness world. It shows great attention to trends and demonstrates a diverse culture, as well as an open mind to innovations.

Preparatore Atletico e Sportivo (PAS)

The course of athletic and sports coach teaches professionals to train athletes for different sports, teams and beyond. The program is vast and varied, it starts from the basic concepts then moves to enable the student to fully understand the mechanisms t