Crow pose


26 Jul
Great body control man!
26 Jul
Thank you :) Its called a crow. An arm balancing yoga pose.
27 Jul
The crow may be a good place for me to start. Im trying to work my way to a head stand.
28 Jul
Ohh...a headstand. I'm scared of those. I had this injury a while back and any time I practice it I just fear I'm gonna snap my neck and back out. But good luck to you though. :p Ping me if you've got any trouble with arm balances. Since I learned them on my own, I could point you in the right direction and maybe you can avoid beginner mistakes :)
29 Jul
I can definitely use some advice. I've really just started working out about two weeks now and I need to build my upper body strength. Im working on my push up to get them right, and I've been practicing a shoulder stand and trying at the headstand against the wall. I need to build my upper body strength though to have better stability and control.