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About Me

Tracy was born and raised in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota. She graduated from the University of Mn – Duluth with a BAS in Psychology. She started her career working for Target, in the Relocation Department, moving team members from one store to another. In July of 1996, her and her husband, Brett, had their first baby girl. Tracy decided to stay home and work part time as a kid’s gym fitness teacher at a Lifetime Fitness near their home. She grew with the company, landing the role of the Member Activities Manager in 3 years time. The love of fitness became part of her daily life. She completed the NASM Certification in May of 2007. During this time, her family had moved across the border into Wisconsin, making the 25 mile commute to work with 2 little girls time consuming. She then accepted a Personal Trainer position with the YMCA in her new hometown. In June of 2011, Brett’s job with the MARS company allowed them the chance to move to Anthem. The family was sad to leave dear friends back “home”, but excited for the sunny weather of AZ. Tracy’s mom and dad winter here, so it was a nice transition. They packed up the 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats, and have never been happier. Tracy worked at the Community Center and Mountainside Fitness for a couple of months in 2011. She finally came to rest at Sweat in Anthem for 2.5 years, loving the opportunity to see so many people fall in love with fitness. In March of 2014, Tracy decided her love and expertise lied more in the rehab aspect of training. She joined OSR Physical Therapy to learn how to help the clients that are injured or are post surgery. She has learned a great deal in the short time she has been with OSR. She is currently working out of her Garage (aptly named “The Garage”) with small groups. (5 or less people) She focuses on movement patterns, strength, and balance work. She enjoys training a variety of fitness levels, but excels best at people new to exercise or have limitations.

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