his face LOL


17 Oct
Lol... That dude better pay attention to what he's doing, before he has an accident with those dumbbells.
17 Oct
lol mario he cant help him self honestly :) hahaha his face is priceless
17 Oct
I know he can't. I love that photo. It makes me laugh every time I see it. I can't even say I wouldn't react the same way. Lol!!
17 Oct
yup!! and his face looks HAPPILY SURPRISED LOL TOO FUNNY
18 Oct
I never noticed dude in backround in the grey shirt he lookn like he want parts on that booty lol this is tru comedy!
19 Oct
Yeah, even the kid with the rainbow shirt on in the back forgot what he came there to do. Lol
21 Nov
I feel em
21 Nov
Lol his face tho!!!!!!
01 Dec
Haha h r ad...