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My Workouts

  • 15min Fat Melt
    15min Fat Melt
    14 mins 29 secs, Moderate

My Pro Background

Training since: 2016

Specialties: Strengthen & Tone, Bodyweight, Bodybuilding


I used to be close to 300 lbs in high school. I was always shy, embarrassed, and disgusted with myself. I grew up with my sister and single mother and I did not open up much. I played sports all my childhood which kept me from getting like 400lbs or worse. I first touched weights when I started playing football in high school and fell in love. I finally had enough and decided to make a change. No more being fat, shy, lonely, or ashamed. I started eating good, working out, working, going to school, then joined the Army. Still was over weight in the military. Once I got out I went from 260 to 230 but lost a lot of strength. After that I went to get certified as a personal fitness trainer and promised to help other people in my situation. I'm now 255lb 17% BF

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Certified Fitness Trainer



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