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My Workouts

  • Maximal Strenght/Core
    Maximal Strenght/Core
    5 mins 56 secs, Intense
  • General Performance
    General Performance
    16 mins 33 secs, Moderate

About Me

The person you see now played video games all night munched on sweets and watched cartoons till morning. I began my journey when enough was enough and my weight wasn't going to hold me back from my passion. My passion has always been soccer but 240 pounds of fat was holding me back from speeding past defenders. My weight loss strategy: Strength training Full body circuits Cross training Trx training Endurance training SAQ training Calisthenics

Recent Updates

23 Nov
Uriel Gaytan created a workout:
Time_16x16 05:56    Intensity_intense_16x16 Intense
17 Nov
Uriel Gaytan created a workout:
Time_16x16 16:33    Intensity_moderate_16x16 Moderate
08 Nov
Uriel Gaytan added a photo: