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My Workouts

  • All Things Legs
    All Things Legs
    28 mins 16 secs, Intense

About Me

At the age of 34 I had reached an all time low. I remember sitting on the couch looking through pic from my daughter 4th birthday and erasing ever pic that I was in. That was my awakening moment. I sat there at that moment and realized how miserable I truly was, I was removing myself from every memory of that day. I was fighting pre-diabetes and high blood-pressure because of the weight I had put. It was than I decided something had to change and that something was me. With much determination I began to see progress. About 3 years in I had lost close to 40 pounds but decided I needed more. I remember the 1st day I picked up a weight in the gym and fell in love. As a personal trainer I aim to empower others to reach their highest potential.

Recent Updates

03 Jun
Janeen Fisher added a photo:
my favorite training partner
31 May
Janeen Fisher added a photo:
Not everyday is a win but today I think im winning. Down another pound, Killed LEG day and it Taco Tuesday! #hello #killingit #winwin #legday #issatrainer #tacotuesday #gymlife #goals #burnbabyburn...
03 Jun
29 May
via Android
Janeen Fisher posted a status update:
Holiday weekend, gym is closed looks like i will be training outside the next few days.
29 May
Janeen Fisher created a workout:
Time_16x16 28:16    Intensity_intense_16x16 Intense
26 May
Janeen Fisher added a photo:
24 Oct
beautiful i like your story, when reading i feel the same exact at this moment. 3145562761 would love to get some more information about how u changed your life