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My Workouts

  • Carved Shoulders
    Carved Shoulders
    12 mins 30 secs, Moderate

About Me

My journey started 2 years ago when I was 178 lbs with a recently diagnosed heart condition due to my unhealthy lifestyle. I was stuck in a bad relationship and decided I could no longer go on living the way I was. I stopped eating meat, cut sugar out of my diet, stopped smoking and drinking, then kicked my butt in and out of the gym every day since then. I fell in love with the fitness industry so much that I wanted to be a part of it. I saw how much I was inspiring others around me and I decided to become certified so I can help others discover their strengths and overcome weaknesses. I believe everyone has the capability to better their lifestyle, I believe that the power behind that is, will. I'm here to help you find that will power and take it to the maximum!

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18 Jun
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18 Jun
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15 Jun
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