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    21 minutes, Casual

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27 May
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27 May
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15 Jun
I had a question on what workouts you could possibly suggest for me to get me better. I need PT bad but I'm waiting on a doctor to give me a referral cause without it I won't get seen for at least a yr! I shattered my right calcaneus & I can tell it's not healing right. I'm back in my boot, it's the only way to walk without the full amount of pain that comes without it. I used to be so in shape & after this accident I can't do the things I used to so I'm starting...
01 Jul
i have cervical spina bifida, and hydrocypholis. some years ago i had to under go 2 spinal taps. i moved on the needle wit the last tap. since then my lower back is killing me. i do have arthritis throughout my spine. i have recently gained about 20 extra pounds and want to get rid of it while shaping up without hurting myself. need help with exercises. im a full time student and walk everywhere, so my time for me is very little.
28 Oct
quem fez este e mesmo um artista de alma e coração
13 Feb
are there any workouts for amputees?? I am an AK amputee so my mobility is limited. GO BIRDS!!!! not having much luck finding workouts without legs.