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May 2, 2013 2:33pm
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Lol umm has anyone tried 200 squats a day for 30 days? 5 sets of 20 regular squats and 5 sets of 20 outward squats. I saw the results of someone within a month on Instagram and it was unbelievable. So I want to experiment and see what happens. If 200 turns out to be to much then try 100-150. Let me know how much for that day you accomplished. Who wants to join? Tell me your results and how you're holding out. I have an iPhone so I can keep track and continue my exercise even when I'm not home.
02 May
I tried something similar to this but it was Day 1: 50 squats Day 2: 55 squats So on and so forth and it went up to Day 30: 250 squats. My results were amazing! I already had a butt, but within one week it toned and lifted! My shorts were looking even better on me but sadly, I stopped halfway through to around day 15. I wish I didnt! This really does work if you stay committed! Good luck! (:
02 May
I saw your way on google search. I have a butt but it needs to get toned out. So that's why I wanted to try this challenge. If you decide you want to give yourself that same challenge or mine then you're welcome to join right in when you please. 😊
02 May
Interesting, I was doing the 200 squats a day programme, an should do 5 reps of 35 squats each. I'm 52 by the way
02 May
Have you seen improvements when you did the workout?
04 May
I have been hearing about this all over instagram. Im really interested in this challenge and would love 2 join!! How exactly does it work i have heard many variations.