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Started by Katherine Mitchell
22 Jan 2018


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DETOX Yoga 1
Casual    Calendar_32x32 2 Weeks    Weights_black_32x32 11 Workouts    Ic_time_32x32 17 min/workout

A full-body detox means not only do you powerfully sweat and cleanse, but you also restore. In this program, you'll use both yoga and meditation to re-energize the body, clearing out anything that is not serving you. While you'll work hard, certain sequences are designed to also let you rest, cultivating a deeper sense of relaxation in your life. This program is ideal if you want to dive deeper into a yoga/meditation practice, and it works to enhance any other type of detox in your life right now, like quitting coffee, alcohol, a bad relationship, dieting or getting back in shape after a holiday. After 2-weeks of body and mind detox through yoga and meditation, you'll feel clearer, lighter and renewed with energy!