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Started by Pedro Ávila Medina
23 Aug 2018


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Lose It. Tone It!
Casual    Calendar_32x32 4 Weeks    Weights_black_32x32 15 Workouts    Ic_time_32x32 19 min/workout

Muscles are like a game of lost and found. Lose the weight and you'll find your muscle! So, while you are losing the weight and muscles are reappearing, this program will also help tone those muscles into a nice healthy looking shape. Perform as many reps as possible within the time given for the workouts on each day. Also, while going through the program, keep in mind that on your days that Skimble will not be at your side you should keep moving. Try not to have a single day where you've sat for more than 75% of the day. Remember, being "healthy" is a lifestyle not an end point, so incorporating activity into your daily routine will help keep creeping pounds at bay.