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Feb 9, 2015 1:50pm

Diets / Very simple weight loss diet

I agree with you. I've found that cleansing for a week or so before a diet can be healthy because it can rid you of intestinal bulk and give you an emotional burst. It can also lower your appetite some and so reset you eating habits. However, the cleansing/diet teas/capsules often contain senna leaf or cascara sagrada. These are powerful laxatives and can cause a host of issues, not the least are rebound constipation and dependency.

Personally, I do best eating a variety of low glycemic food. Nevertheless, "food was made for the body, not the body for food;" if, in the end, we do not enjoy what we eat, we deprive ourselves of a sense of enjoyment or satisfaction to life. It is important to be satisfied by the good things we eat. I think God blessed us with good things to eat and a body/mind that appreciates it.

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