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The GWPC gym in Oakland is the newest of the Touchstone Climbing gyms.
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J Tree boasts superb bouldering and trad routes.  There are also a few good sports routes to account for.
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Bouldering Gym, rendered walls with even an adjustable width crack. Officially open 27 June 2011.Please note the location map is wrong, address is as below:10 Ware St, Thebarton, South Australia.
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General Toronto, Ontario, Canada outdoor.
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A great 300 to 500 foot crag off of Route 50 near South Lake Tahoe. Tons of great multipitch trad climbs on vertical cracks with interesting horizontal dikes. There is...
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San Francisco is a beautiful city with many outdoor activities. Enjoy hiking in Golden Gate park, bicycling The Wiggle, rock climbing various natural features (and perhaps some buildering), numerous yoga...
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Smith Rock State Park is an oasis of excellent rock climbing where the camping is surrounded by many rock faces.
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Uh, it's Bishop.
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