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Kristie !! M

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7 May 2013


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Notes I did earlier by walking my dog to and from work today! It was a good idea this morning it was cool walking home at around the neighborhood after it was about 85° very hot! I think my doggies paws were smoking we got home!

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Btw Erin you have had quite a transformation! Other than Skimble what have you been doing???
Erin I'm in BC Canada
BOOOO! Where are you?
Na na na naaaaaa naaaaa we are 85-90 until next Mon soooooooo far!! See Scott it makes up for all that crappy snow we had a few months ago! Don't forget that you had absolutely glorious weather when we were snowing! It's our turn!
Oh that sucks after tomorow we (IL) will be cold again
Where the heck do you live Scott that its only 58
What I meant to say was it was a good idea this morning when it was cool, not so good coming home when it was 85°!
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