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Kristie !! M

tracked by Kristie !! M
14 Aug 2013


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3.2 mi
Notes The only time of day is comfortable to walk my dogs is late at night and it is still 27° here Celsius of course! Those of you who don't know, that's hot! LOL

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Have a great day yourself Max!! CHEERS!!! TGIF!!
Lol ohhhh I know Mario!! It is just so extreme here 30-39 degrees for over a month now! Just like the snow it can be a bit much at any extreme!!
Thought of the day! “Although today I am healthy, Well‐nourished and unafflicted, Life is momentary and deceptive: The body is like an object on loan for but a minute.” Keep smiling everyone! 
Have good day:-))
Don't complain, sister... Our Canadian winter'll be here soon enough... Remember the shoveling workouts? Lol
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