Tracked Activities: Hiking

total distance
187.57 mi
total time
Date Name Difficulty Distance Duration Trip Note  
3 Mar 2014 Medium 2 hrs 35 mins Details
16 Feb 2014 Medium 3 hours Wow what a beautiful day!!!! Details
1 Feb 2014 Medium 55 minutes OMG doggies are happy! I'm frozen! I know it is not -30 but -12 is freaking cold when I have just been in +30C for the last month! Wow my feet and hands are frozen! Details
30 Jan 2014 Medium 32 minutes Doggies are happy!! I'm not, its cold! LOL Details
10 Oct 2013 2 mi Doggies are happy! Details
6 Oct 2013 Medium 3 hrs 10 mins Done in Fri!! Details
22 Sep 2013 Medium 12.3 mi I am now tracking all my activities in the last two days!! The weather has been awesome! Getting out as much as possible before it is over!! Details
7 Sep 2013 Medium 1 hr 15 mins I did this earlier tonight with my dogs in tow! It was a beautiful evening here. Details
5 Sep 2013 Hard 1 hour Details
26 Aug 2013 Medium 4.6 mi Doggies are exhausted!! LOL Details
23 Aug 2013 Medium 3 mi Details
22 Aug 2013 Medium 3 mi Details
21 Aug 2013 Medium 3.2 mi Details
20 Aug 2013 Medium 3.2 mi Details
19 Aug 2013 Medium 2 mi Was probably going to be a longer walk but unfortunately I tripped in a pothole twisted my ankle caught myself before I fell But then twisted my other ankle in another pothole and then actually fell and punctured my hand! OMG I guess it could've been worse I could've broken my wrist or either ankle or something terrible but well........ crap!! I am sure it was entertaining for someone else to watch, Oh she almost caught herself, oooh no not quite but almost caught herself again but nooooo she's down! Sheesh Details
17 Aug 2013 Medium 1 hr 45 mins Details
14 Aug 2013 Medium 3.2 mi The only time of day is comfortable to walk my dogs is late at night and it is still 27° here Celsius of course! Those of you who don't know, that's hot! LOL Details
11 Aug 2013 Medium 3.2 mi Details
10 Aug 2013 Medium 2 hrs 10 mins Decompressing still! Wow!! Details
12 Jul 2013 Hard 1 hr 37 mins Details