Tracked Activities: Workouts

total time
Date Workout Difficulty Duration Trip Note  
31 May 2012 Bootcamp Workout, Marine Corps Style 17 mins 5 secs Intense Best workout I've ever done. I seriously have a pool of sweat dripping from my body. TRY THIS Details
30 May 2012 Morning Wake Up Call 4 mins 43 secs Moderate That was great!!! I'm actually sweating!! I feel refreshed and ready to go. Details
8 May 2012 The COBB: Cardio, Obliques & Butt, Baby. 18 minutes Moderate Nice. I'm totally doing it again. Details
8 May 2012 Core Abs & Stretches 12 mins 30 secs Intense Well good. But the yoga was a little random. Details
8 May 2012 Burn Fat Burn! 16 minutes Moderate Ok. But too many planks. Planks will not help u burn Fat. I liked the deal jacks. Details
7 May 2012 Natural Booty Pops 16 minutes Moderate Whatever. No sore butt and even less butt workouts. The whole thing was cardio!! I'm sweating but my booty doesn't feel anything except boredom. Lol. Details
7 May 2012 Love Handle Furnace 11 minutes Intense Awesome. I loved it. ? Details
3 May 2012 supah sexy gurls 7 mins 10 secs Intense Nice. Details
3 May 2012 Lose Luv Handles And Burn Belly Fat! 26 minutes Intense Awesome. Love it. Although I don't see how it helps luv handles. I'm red in the face and my heartbeat is up. Great workout!!! Details
3 May 2012 Intense Abs 5 minutes Intense Not intense at all. Don't do. That is my preference at least. Details
3 May 2012 Morning Wake Up Call 4 mins 43 secs Moderate It was really great. I'm up and ready to face the day!!! Details
2 May 2012 Intense Weight Loss 15 minutes Intense I did not like all the weight lifting. It should have been called total body weight workout. Details
2 May 2012 Quick Cardio Crunch 10 minutes Moderate Wow that was fun and challenging. Great workout!!!! Details
2 May 2012 Art of Exercise Freebie I 9 mins 30 secs Intense I would like to be able to do Spiderman pushups by the end of the week. It was great. Im feeling good. ? Details