Tracked Activities: Hiking

total distance
187.57 mi
total time
Date Name Difficulty Distance Duration Trip Note  
17 Jun 2013 Hard 3 hrs 10 mins Wow what an awesome hike!! So beautiful!!! Details
15 Jun 2013 Hard 17 mi 5 hours Mountain trails, bridges, climbing, repelling!! WOWwhat a DAY!!! I feeeeel GREAT!!! Wooo hooo! Details
13 Jun 2013 Hard 1 hr 27 mins Details
12 Jun 2013 Hard 2 hours Details
10 Jun 2013 Hard 6 hours I hiked for most of the day yesterday!! It was awesome, climbed a waterfall in Peachland BC, walked three beaches, two parks and a very intense mountain trial!! Wow I think my doggies thought boot camp was turned up a notch!! LOL in total it was over 6 hours!! WONDRRFUL DAY!!! Details
8 Jun 2013 Hard 4 mi Doggie and mommy bootcamp!! done! Details
5 Jun 2013 1 hr 20 mins Doggies boot camp!! Lol Details
4 Jun 2013 Medium 3 mi Details
1 Jun 2013 3 hrs 20 mins I did this last night, what an awesome night! Happy June everyone!!! Details
25 May 2013 3 hrs 10 mins Kelowna, British Columbia Two separate hikes with the dogs today, such a beautiful day!! Wowowowow! Details
23 May 2013 2 hrs 12 mins Power walked the doggies and me!! YES HOLLY, sister dearest! I am on it!! Details
13 May 2013 1 hr 10 mins Doggie boot camp done!! Got caught in a down pour!! bath time for the now and then a work out for me!!! Details
11 May 2013 Hard 2 hrs 27 mins Cougar Canyon, Vernon BC! I have pictures in my profile repelling there! AMAZINGLY Beautiful! Details
9 May 2013 Hard 2 hrs 7 mins Doggie bootcamp done! Sooooo hot here wheeeeeew!! Details
8 May 2013 Hard 1 hr 11 mins Walked to work with the doggies!! SO HOT today!! I might have to rethink this process! LOL Details
7 May 2013 1 hr 11 mins I did earlier by walking my dog to and from work today! It was a good idea this morning it was cool walking home at around the neighborhood after it was about 85° very hot! I think my doggies paws were smoking we got home! Details
6 May 2013 Hard 1 hr 14 mins Doggie boot camp DONE!!! Wow very HOT here today!!!! Wheeeew! Details
5 May 2013 Hard 2 hrs 12 mins Details
4 May 2013 Hard 2 hrs 47 mins The Charles brothers are exhausted LOL doggie paw are smokin' LOL Details
28 Apr 2013 2 hours Doggie boot camp and Mummy walked, DONE!! lol Details