Tracked Activities: Hiking

total distance
187.57 mi
total time
Date Name Difficulty Distance Duration Trip Note  
27 Apr 2013 Hard 1 hour Doggie boot camp, DONE!! Details
24 Apr 2013 Hard 1 hour Doggy bootcamp done! Well everyone I must say that last year when I was golfing I would be exhausted after I finished and could not function for the rest of the day! I stamina is so much better now I was able to go grocery shopping walk the dogs and I'm still sitting here with more energy so I'm probably going to have to do my squat challenge! LOL LOL Details
23 Apr 2013 Hard 1 hr 12 mins Doggy boot camp continues........... Details
6 Apr 2013 Hard 40 minutes Did one hour 10 mins doggie boot camp!! I might have to design a workout for that! LOL Details
1 Apr 2013 Hard 3.8 mi Doggie boot camp and Mommy walked,DONE!!! Details
31 Mar 2013 Hard 1 hr 39 mins Doggie boot camp DONE!! Details
30 Mar 2013 Hard 4.2 mi Doggies are DEAD!!! LOL Details
29 Mar 2013 Hard 3.1 mi Doggie boot camp DONE!! LOL Details
28 Mar 2013 48 minutes Doggie boot camp!! LOL Details
27 Mar 2013 47 minutes Details
25 Mar 2013 Hard 2.7 mi I did this earlier with my dogs! Barkley needs to lose some winter weight! It his turn to workout!! LOL Details
24 Mar 2013 Hard 6.8 mi I don't think the doggies have legs left!! LOL they are both dead!! Details
23 Mar 2013 Hard 2.4 mi Details
21 Mar 2013 Hard 2 mi Home from work, feel a cold setting in! Crap!! Gonna take it easy, hot bath, lots of water, gentle stretching, REST!! Details
18 Mar 2013 Hard 1 hr 23 mins Details
11 Mar 2013 Hard 3.2 mi The weather was super today! sunny for a change!! The doggies looked so happy on our walk!! Details
10 Mar 2013 Hard 2.1 mi I do not know who is more tired now, me or my dogs! Details
9 Mar 2013 Hard 1 hr 20 mins Doggies have walked off there legs! lol Details
4 Mar 2013 Hard 3 mi Just keeping busy!!!! Details
18 Feb 2013 Hard 1 hour Details